Post-Production Studio Services


We calibrate your film on our Davinci Resolve Studio station. Our EIZO ColorEdge CG318-4K screen allows us to work on your Image in cinema (DCI-P3) and television (REC709) color spaces.

The modularity of the Jacques Demy Auditorium allows us to ensure calibration on the DCI 2K projector.

With a storage capacity of 96TB, we are able to process digital rushes from various types of high-resolution cameras (ARRI ALEXA, RED, SONY, etc.) for any cinematographic and audiovisual production.

Depending on your needs, the rushes are secured, verified, calibrated and transcoded into the desired format in our premises or directly at your filming location.


Thanks to the data provided by your editing room (AAF, XML, EDL, etc.) we carry out the conformation from the original rushes. We also carry out compositing, titling and subtitle integration work.

Nous fabriquons l’ensemble des deliveries cinéma (DCP, DCDM…) et vidéo (PAD), sous leurs diverses versions pour la France et l’international.


Sound Effects / Post Sync

Image / Sound Editing

Digital Recording

video department

Sophie Mestre ensures the production of institutional, event, tourist promotion and even advertising films…

Contact: s.mestre@studiosalhambra.comChaine YouTube