Alhambra Studios has quite a story!

Opened in 1901 in the heart of the town of Rochefort in Charente-Maritime, the former Winter Casino was taken over in 1907 by the Pathé Company, which transformed it into a cinema. Renamed the Alhambra Theater, it could accommodate 800 spectators.

Seriously damaged during the Second World War, it was completely rebuilt at the end of the conflict. In the 1960s, it hosted Jacques Demy‘s teams for the filming of his famous Franco-American musical film Les demoiselles de Rochefort.

At the end of the 1970s, it closed its doors and remained abandoned. He is reborn from his ashes 20 years later!

From 1998, the old cinema was transformed into a recording studio. Sound engineer François Gaucher is carrying out this change with the help of producer and music editor Éric Debègue; founder of Cristal Groupe.

Initially, the studio developed an album recording activity. Then seeking to diversify his activities, opened a new path towards recording music for images. In this context, an integrated orchestra was formed especially for the recording studio: this is the Alhambra Orchestra.

In 2012, Éric Debègue relied on the experience of Sophie Mestre, director, in order to develop a new network of audiovisual skills: the video department made its entrance!

In 2018, Alhambra Studios acquired new equipment dedicated to image and sound post-production: an auditorium and several editing rooms were created. Then in 2021 a sound studio completes the system. These investments strengthen already strong links between the studio and the cinema.

Since 2022, in addition to the production of films, reports, advertisements, portraits, etc., the video department of Alhambra Studios offers the production of LIVE SESSIONS and 360° filming. The Alhambra Studios video department offers an “à la carte” audiovisual communication service capable of meeting all of our customers’ expectations.

With this new equipment and its video department, Alhambra Studios is part of the dynamic development of the cinema and audiovisual sector in the Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

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