Alhambra Studios Orchestra

the orchestra

In 2008, Alhambra Studios formed an orchestra, in order to offer an alternative, skilled and competitive solution for recording in France. It brings together from 4 to 50 musicians and adapts to each type of recording (album, screen music, etc.).

For ten years, he has been able to find a real group dynamic with his musical partners with a remarkable level of demand.

The talented musicians who make up this orchestra come from several groups from Western France (Orchestre National Bordeaux Aquitaine, Orchester National des Pays de La Loire, Orchester Poitou-Charentes, Kadenza Quartet, Ensemble Double Sens).

shared orchestra session

What professional has not wanted to record a piece with an orchestra, made up of qualified musicians?
Too often, the budgets available do not allow for financing a recording session with Orchestra, and sometimes even, a 3-hour session can represent a cost that is difficult to bear for the project.

This is why Alhambra Studios offers an on-demand shared session service, tailored to your needs.

We will take care of organizing your session as quickly as possible. To do this, simply contact us and tell us your needs.